Older ClientsI’m in my 60s and over the past decade have neglected my fitness due to work commitments, long commutes and two knee replacements. When I decided to retire I also made a decision to employ a personal trainer and a week later became one of Chris Atherton’s clients. I wish I had started down this route long ago; I’ve had almost two months of training so far, one session a week, and the results have been phenomenal. My clothes either fit properly or are too big for me, I’ve lost over a stone, I no longer rely on pain killers as my rheumatic pain has improved and most important of all my confidence has been boosted because I look so different and I am much, much stronger and have more stamina.

When we met Chris asked me my goals and I said I wanted to get fit and strong enough to start looking after my baby granddaughter in March 2013 when her mother returns to work; I needed more strength in my arms and losing weight would be a bonus. Chris listened to my request and built me a routine that has changed and become more demanding as I’ve improved and got stronger. I can do the routines on my own during the week but find I work much, much harder on the cardio aspect when Chris is with me but the resistance and floor work I do effectively twice a week on my own.

From personal experience I would highly recommend Chris to anyone who needs to get fit and to anyone who needs to be pushed to improve. Chris encourages me to improve but has never bullied me, his technique and programmes are excellent and they work, my success is proof of this.