As a mother and daughter who much prefer hitting the shops than visiting the gym, the only thing that would ever get a workout would be mum’s credit card. Things had to change, hence, Chris.

Since we started our weekly training session both mum and I have felt stronger, more confident and a hell of a lot fitter. We wanted to exercise away from prying eyes and having Chris come to our house, where we feel comfortable, made a huge difference in our approach to fitness.

Not only is Chris a fantastic trainer, with his ability to encourage, support and guide each of us as individuals, he’s also brilliant at making exercise fun and accessible. Each week we laugh, joke and sweat (I mean really sweat)!

We’ve both lost inches and pounds, and I am particularly happy to know that in 10 weeks I’ve lost over a stone and feel much more like the old fitter me.

It is not only we that had noticed a change but friends and family have commented, not only on weight loss, but also on our happier approach to exercise and a healthy lifestyle. So, we can say confidently that if you are looking to improve your fitness levels, slim down or tone up Chris is the man for you.