With a “Big” birthday coming up and not wanting to feel my age I bit the bullet and contacted Chris Atherton to help me get into shape so I could slip into that all important little black dress.
Ever so slightly wary of having a male trainer I needn’t have worried, Chris put me at ease straight away visiting me at home to go through the goals I had in mind as well as the aims and objectives for the training programme. I can honestly say that I felt inspired when Chris left and I eagerly looked forward to my first session.
That was 5 months ago and I am still enjoying my weekly training sessions, which are a perfect combination of different training methods, individualised exercise programme and an enthusiastic approach to his work. I have even recruited my partner into the weekly sessions so we can train together and we have both noticed a huge improvement in our core strength, balance and fitness levels.
Chris continues to motivate us both and the results have been impressive. Our interest in personal fitness has been revitalised and Chris continues to come up with innovative ways to keep the sessions interesting.
Thank you Chris for giving me back my confidence and getting the results I wanted.